Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Tamashii Convention

Last March 28, 2014, I joined the Tamashii Convention organized by De Lasalle University's Nihon Kenkyuu Kai. The event was held at the SMX Mall of Asia in Pasay City

And it was really fun! the place was well packed but was still enjoyable! We really had fun selling Mori Kei items at these events

The day started with me getting injured. My pinky got caught at the door when it slammed, and it bled nonstop >< Had my own blood all over my hands for the rest of the morning. I had to drink Hemostan to make the bleeding stop.

I guess sacrificing blood is good for business?

I brought my cousins to help me with the shop. Yup, even children when exposed to business are very helpful! They assisted us in making coordinates and looking for change, while the grown ups talked with the customers. I'm happy the kids enjoyed the area despite being crowded.

even Mannie (the Mannequin) did her best to sell our products! I think she wears everything so well. I had to dress up the panels to make the clothes pop out, since most of what I sold were creams and whites. The place would look blanched out

Although I was selling Mori Kei items and all of its sub styles plus cousins, I guess it attracted everyone who isn't into that fashion. A lot of ladies in Lolita style dropped by.

We also had a few consignors in the events

Tea Pawty mugs were brought out! they're quite adorable!

Incidentally we found a consignor for Berry Lens. Imie, the seller for Berry Lenses, thought it was funny since we had the same name. Berry Drop selling Berry lenses. I also liked the idea

Aside from the Zakka Items, I also decided to sell a few gardening things as well as herbs. We sold a miniature gardening tools ( a spade, a hand shovel, and small rake) as a novelty item, but they were very useful especially if you have indoor plants in small pot. Not shown is my cousin's magic egg that sprouts plants after watering it.  A Mori Girl always have a plant to accompany her.

And here's what was being sold across us! The salesman for this kind of merchandises was a straight guy. I kind of respect him for being able to tolerate the fujoshi goodies. Most guys would be pretty uncomfortable.

Speaking of men, there were a lot of supportive boyfriends who dropped by our store with their SO's and as their bae's personal shopper. Gotta respect those sweet boyfriends who can walk with their heads high in a very girly shop.

#ootd went with Mori gyaru for this event since I haven't had the chance to wear that dress and the green skirt. sorry for the belt bag ruining the look. I worked as the cashier since I couldn't hold the items

some of my friends dropped by our shop too :) I couldn't recognize them with them wearing the wigs

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