Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Mori Substyle; The Mori Gyaru

The Mori Girl fashion style has becoming more and more popular and with that, people have started incorporating their own styles, creating what we call a substyle. Now I do not clam to be an expert but these are my opinions and impressions.

Way back, Mori Girl fashion became so trendy that it actually caught the attention of Big Brands from Japan such as

Liz Lisa


And a lot more. Not only was Mori girl loved by these big brands, it was also loved and endorsed by magazines like Popteen as well as all the pretty Gyaru models

Yui Kanno <3

Isn't it pretty?

What I love with this substyle is that it's very wearable. 

Unlike the archetypal mori girl, the Mori Gyaru isn't afraid to use synthetic materials. They also have less layering. 



while everyone is in love with Aoi as a Mori Girl icon, personally I look up to Yui Kanno more. Not only is she pretty but she can pull this fashion well that mainstream media and brands have kept a lot of Mori Girl inspiration. 

What are the points in wearing Mori Gyaru? Most of them follows Choco's rule, I noticed, but twisted to compliment the gyaru look. Don't you think it's amusing that these Gyaru whom people call materialistic could actually be turned into ladies who love simple and mundane things? But I think it works well. I'm sure there are Gyarus who love their phones, makeup and other glittery things but have a soft spot with nature and animals!

The mori gyaru is pretty simple! you simply take the best of both worlds and combine them together to get something beautiful. Although there is a romantic mori girl look, I suppose Mori Gyaru is a sexier version of the mori girl, but keeps it modest and less slutty. She's the type of girl who could capture your heart. If you want to look impressive on a first date or want to show your hubby some love but do not want to stray from the mori girl look, the Mori Gyaru is the best alternative! 

summer mori

Here's a few more Mori Gyaru inspiration and pointers
Gorgeous! She looks like forest fairy
Keep it romantic and lacey! It's not bad to show some skin

Think of yourself as a lovely flower in the forest! Florals are a must for the Mori Gyaru.

Stick to natural colors! If you think these colors are too bland, then add some colors with flowers!


Don't be afraid to look cutesy! but don't make it too sweet. Remember Mori Girls are not cute girls. They are beautiful woman, and the same rules apply 


Plaids are always in vogue!

For accessories, wicker bags, baskets and leathers with frills are a fave of the mori gyarus!

Don't be afraid of makeup! Although the usual mori girls keep their makeup minimal, the mori gyaru keeps their signature well defined and lashed eyes. Lippies and blushes are remains natural though. 


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