Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Berry Drop Favorites #1

March is here, and the sun is getting warmer. Summer is just around the corner in the Philippines.

That means, we need to say goodbye to layers and look forward to wearing looser and light colored clothes

Since our little sister need to buy herself a gown for their graduation ball, I called up my cousin, Nice, to help me model some of the clothes for  this week's collection.

Pretty brown mori dress

Isn't this one gorgeous?

Can you see the pressed fruits? lol, so cute!

This brown dress is actually two pieces. You can wear the brown dress as it is but I think it's too short. :/

Plus the fabric isn't as absorbent. It reminds me of Geena Silk, but I don't think it's that material. The white camisole is made of the softest cotton!

This one is a pretty lace scarf. I rarely see them in department stores so they're pretty hard to come by.

Then, there's this gorgeous lace dress

lace mori dress by berry drop

 Nice's older sister, Lhy, didn't like the dress to be worn by itself for Nice since she's skinny and still in her teens. We just don't like seeing teens wearing spaghetti straps! XD We wanted to call Raiza (the generous cousin who gave us rosemary) who is a size medium, to see if it would look better, sadly she was off somewhere in Silang to buy terracotta pots (PHP 10 each!!!!)

I think the best way to wear it would be as a JSK if you're quite skinny.

Dreamy mori girl coord for the summer

They make a good coordinate! Just plain fresh but keeps layering :)

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