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How to wear Mori Girl clothes while living in the Tropics

I read a lot of guides regarding how to wear the forest girl style, But one thing I find unfair is that these guides are only suitable for temperate countries. I know most countries have four season and its mostly cold where they're from. Most likely their definition of warm is 20 degrees celcius, which is chilly for us tropical girls.

One of my good client told us how grateful she was when she saw our shop. Not only did it cater to Mori Girls, it was also very wearable for a warm country. Maybe one reason for her to say that about our items is because when my sister/partner taught me about picking our supplies, she told me to stick to Choco's Mori Girl List, but to always, ALWAYS consider the weather. Although I understood what she meant, apparently, it's not as simple as that for a lot of girls, especially those who are new to this style.

So I made a guide (or a cheat) on how you can enjoy the dreamy Mori Girl fashion style, without the danger of being brought to the hospital. Or sweating like a construction worker. Please note, that this serves only as a guide and not as rigid rules to be followed. If you have some tips that I have not covered, please share them so I can add them up to this guide.

1. Choose cotton or other absorbent/airy materials.Embroidery expansion dress embroidered sleeveless one piece dress one piece dress mori girl-inDresses from Apparel & Accessories on Aliexpre...

Although the Mori Kei is changing and slowly incorporating synthetic materials, there is still value in sticking with the old school. Cotton allows cool air to flow through your body and allows sweat to evaporate to keep you from being too warm. Don't get discouraged with long sleeves as well! As long as the material is good, anything can keep you cool 

2. When purchasing clothes, buy something that's already layered
Of all the tips and guide that I can give you, this 2nd one is the most important one of all! You can skip the fabric guide, color guide and layering guide if you remember this.

The Mori Girl style is all about layering. It's like the bell skirt for the Lolita styles. It doesn't define the style but it is very vital. But let's face it. You can't wear a base dress, plus a fancy dress, an outer wear, a skirt plus a scarf. Although you can pull it through if you're probably going to spend all time inside an airconditioned building, you'd get odd looks from people, which is something you wouldn't like. You want to look fashionable, not a total drag. Or a loonatic.

To pull this through, you can simply save three layers of clothes by buying an layered one to begin with, like the dress I posted above. That dress, for example, is like wearing a base dress, a fancy sleeveless blouse and a skirt. All you need is a light cardigan and you're good to go. Or you can just wear that and add an accessory or two. Minimize your need to layer

or add a skirt

3. When it gets too hot, wear light colors

Although I believe colors shouldn't be limited with this style, we also have to remember our doctors' and teachers' advice. In physics class, we learn that dark colors retain warmth as it absorbs all the light from the sun. Although cool for the eyes, dark colors actually makes you feel warm.

If you have Mori Girl styled clothes made of synthetic/warm materials (like chiffon, organza, polyester etc.) try to pick the light colors. (unless you like the dark mori)

3.5 If you want to wear dark color, again choose the material! 
Of course, if you simply must wear dark colors like burgundy and forest greens, remember the first rule instead. Choose the material! 

Another bunch of "layered" lies. It's just ONE outfit! 
This item in particular is made of just one dress. And its fabric is very soft and thin. Although it looks warm, this dress is actually very refreshing. It's a combination of 1 and 2, and an exception for the 3. 

For the temperate girls, I'm sure you know this just as well. Just because an item has long sleeves, doesn't mean it's warm. Choose the material wisely.

4. Pick loosely fitted material

Yup, back to basic Mori! I know that some Mori Girl outfits are also form fitting nowadays, but no, I'm not rubbing you Choco's List. Some people say loose materials keep you warmer. I disagree. from experience, I would sweat buckets just from wearing a fitted blouse than if I wear a loose flowy maxi dress. with long butterfly sleeves. I suppose it is because If you wear tightly fitted materials, your body gets more constricted, trapping your body warmth. If you wear a loose one, air doesn't get trapped, but instead, it flows through your body. 

5. If wearing a full outfit (Base dress+outerwear+skirt etc), avoid longsleeves, specially if it is constricting.  

Although like I said in 3.5, where you shouldn't be discourage with long sleeves, a shorter one is still better and more refreshing in warm climate. I did not say total elimination. 

Fall cable cape cardigan #asianicandy #knit #oversized

If you must wear long sleeves, then limit it to one. And if your coordination has two or more long sleeves, make sure at least one of them is loose. Never wear two long sleeves at once like in the photo above. Instead, layer in other aspects. Wear a skirt, add a vest or layer with a sleeveless item. 
Topper+layered dress

6. A lot of Layers doesn't necessarily have to be WARM. Don't be afraid of layering/,

Cute winter look

Most people around you would often think that layering means a warm outfit. But if you wear a skirt underneath a dress, it actually feels..... no difference.  you're still wearing a skirt. and it is still very breezy underneath. 

When layering clothes, choose a base dress that has short sleeves, 3/4 sleeves or none at all. if you plan on wearing an outerwear (like a cardigan, poncho etc) for your coordinate, then go for a sleeveless base. Not only is it more practical, aesthetically it will also look nicer since it doesn't give your outerwear those weird bumps and creases at the sleeves.   Adding light vests also makes for an interesting look. 

Don't be afraid of layering. Instead, use it to your advantage! 

6. Don't think too much about wearing a lot of layers.

The mori girl stereotype lives in a temperate forest. She wears a lot of layers to keep her warm and safe from all the harsh elements. But, always remember. The Mori Girl is a fashion style that reflects you. It is not cosplay.

The photo is that of my friend, Neji, stolen from my friend, Nikko's page (it's a collab with my shop so I have rights too, lol)

Here she wears a simple A-line tunic,  a floral shorts, and a lace scarf


Although there's not a lot of layers, It is still mori kei. She's not even wearing socks, stockings nor leggings. Just her green creepers.  

If you wear a lot of useless and unnecessary layers while in a warm setting, and internally suffering all the heat brought by the layers, then you're not being yourself. You're just cosplaying the Mori Kei Subculture, the beloved girl who lives with nature and her critters.

The Mori Girl style is very distinct. Although the layers are important, I think it's one of the aspect which you can mute as long as you stick to its style, especially when its warm.

Here's another two-piece coordinate (although this one has a cheat since the dress is layered) 


plus her stockings. This shot was taken during February when it was still a little cold. 

Remember that the mori girl has a lot of substyles. One of them is the casual mori look and the gyaru mori look, both of which you can wear everyday without earning an odd glare from other people since the emphasis is on the style of the clothes and not much in the layering. When you simply cannot see yourself wearing the layers like a lot of the Mori Girl inspiration you see, then go for a casual Mori look. I'm sure a lot of us started there before we discovered that the style has a name.

7. Scarf!

Scarf is as essential to Mori Girls as the rocking horse shoes to the Lolitas! But Scarves are tricky when worn wrongly.

When choosing scarves, look for "Pashmina" if you prefer knitted scarves. Pashmina is a magical fabric that keeps you cool in hot weathers and warm in cold environments!

you can also look for wispy and delicate looking scarves

Keep away from wool or any thick scarves however
 as they may trap your body heat. Not only will it ruin a delicate summer look of your coordinates, it may also prove to be uncomfortable in the process

For now those are the tips I can give you! if you have other tips, then feel free to comment! 

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