Monday, 2 March 2015

New Plant: Rosemary

One of the most difficult plant that I have encountered is the rosemary. For some reason, I really can't understand them. It's like having a really moody boyfriend that says he wants this or that, then if you give him that, completely flips out (┛◉Д◉)┛彡┻━┻
Bunch of lies
Perhaps it's because I live in a tropical country that's why caring for them is so difficult.

My frustration started when my sister brought home some plants: basil, mint, and rosemary. She wanted to collect all the dried herbs I usually buy so I can start using fresh herbs whenever I cook something up. The basil and mint lived and became a hobby, but the rosemary didn't live long.

Recently, my cousin and I was strolling along the marketplace, and she pointed out to me an old man, and told me, "One of these days, if I have money to spare, I'll buy from that grandpa"

We checked out his wares, and I recognized one of his plants. I asked him, "what plant is this Grandpa?" pretending to know nothing. He seemed to have a difficult time remembering while the other street vendor teased him. I didn't like the other guy for being mean to that grandpa, so I was very happy when he was able to name the plant. I decided to buy it from him since it was only 15 php so I was very happy. I asked him how to propagate the plant. He seemed to misheard me and he told me, the plant was freshly cutted.

When I got home, I found out it was indeed freshly cutted. The plant had no roots. It was just a twig!

Talk about being scammed! But ah well, that old grandpa shouldn't be working at that age, but needs to sell plants for a living. If my money could help him, then I don't mind losing that 15php

The twig eventually dried out. And so, another cousin of mine who also loves to garden, gave me a rosemary!!!
Repotted them. Please ignore the vines.

I placed it at our patio since the sun there is limited. Direct sunlight is just 2-3 hours. Hopefully this plant grows tall and strong just like in the first picture.

The seller told her that the plant was difficult to raise. That coming from a pro is pretty intimidating IMO...

Shot glasses make  great rooting devices.

Just in case, I cut one twig and placed it in a shot glass. I'm really scared that the plant will die on me. At least if that happen, I can still try again

Stevia, Rosemary, Parsley

My other cousin (The one I was with when I bought the rosemary twig from the old man) also got her own cuttings from these plants.  She placed hers indoor where the sun rises. The tropical afternoon sun will kill this plant.

If you have any tips for rosemary, please share it to us!

Till then!

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