Thursday, 29 January 2015

Plant Labels

I’ve been having problems in identifying plants. This problem started when I bought two additional plants for my herb garden. One was a Java mint, the other was Lemon mint. Since their leaves are very similar, they were pretty hard to differentiate, unlike the usual spear mint that has a distinct look. My sister told me that she could distinguish these two through their smell, but the two seemed to smell the same for me. There’s a distinction but I still kept on forgetting.

These will be my favors probably- work as table markers too! and decorations!
To solve this I wrote labels on some popsicle stick, but mother nature didn’t like it and had it infested with molds. ಥ_ಥ Bad idea.
Ah well, might as well look for better ways! So here’s a few things on how to label your plants.
1. Branch Label From Martha Stewart
Upcycled twig plant markers - these could make a really cute home made present for the green fingered person in your life #homesfornature
This one is fairly easy if you have trees in the garden. Grab some dried branch and with a potato peeler, cut away on the tip and label with some permanent ink, like Sharpie.
You can spray it with  varnish to preserve the bark. This may get some molds though, but since fallen branches are abundant, it isn’t much of a problem, unlike popsicles.

This one would be ideal if you have yourself a big pot or planting on soil.  Get a smooth river rock and write away with a marker of your favorite choice. They’re quite adorable.
3. Use an old Spoon
Stamped Spoons | 26 DIY Plant Markers For Your Springtime Garden
There’s a charm in using old things!
All you need to do is to flatten a spoon, and write away on them.
It’s better if you can use an engraver, available at Japan Home Products
or you can always use a mod podge to make them colorful (◕ω◕✿)
Plant markers
Stick your label using a mod podge and spray with a clear varnish
4.  Tin Can Labels
Here's a fun Eco-friendly craft - up-cycle a regular pop can into charming rustic garden markers - Check out the tutorial!
although I find them very lovely, getting hurt using this idea is very possible. Just be careful if you want to use this.
Get a soda can and cut small strips. with an inkless pen, write down a mirrored name of your plants.
5. Clay/porcelain Labels
Homemade Garden Markers
They look cool and they look expensive! but hey, they’re very cheap to make
You can use a polymer clay, air dry clay, or cold porcelain. Roll out a ribbon shape or any shape of your preference and with a stamp, stamp the name of your plant. Bake/allow to air dry and finally apply some varnish. Best of all, you can color it whatever you like!
I wouldn’t recommend using air dry clay if you do not have varnish on hand though.
You can buy air dry and Polymer Clay like Sculpey in art stores like Deovir or Hobby Stores like Hobbes and Landes.
Cheap Letter stamps can be bought at Office Warehouse

How about you? Do you label your plants or just memorize them?